The moment I was waiting for more than a month finally happened yesterday. The domain ä (punycode address xn– dropped for the fourth time in its 11 year lifespan. Luckily the backorder service from worked this time.

But what I’m going to do with the domain?

For now, I’m going to wait for telemarketers to call me and tell them to email their stuff at ät at ät dot net (ä[email protected]ä Hopefully typing umlauts into receiver address won’t crash too many email servers. What I mean is that even Gmail got its support in late 2014, so I would not be surprised if some electricity firm’s email server would not handle it.

I feel like the year 2016 will be the year of internal server errors.

PS: About Gmail’s IDN support – I also have had equivalent domain in Finnish (sähkö under my control since 2012. I played an email provider for a while, but as soon as I got my first clients I a) realised the huge responsibility I was going to take and b) faced the problems of receiving mail to IDN address. At the time I did not use Gmail, but I was dumbfounded to find out that this multi billion software company was not able to send email to my domain! What the heck. So anyhow, I decided to just take the whole thing down. After that I haven’t used the domain that much, but sometimes I’ve tossed it around to lay mayhem behind me.

If you are interested in joining my hidden group of email server burn watchers, feel free to contact me and I’ll get you mail forwarding on either domains. Together, we make the world a better place by employing IT people to troubleshoot legacy email servers around the globe.

January update

Wildcard address caught someone’s venue ticket to a church orchester.